The Apprentice Program

The apprentice program allows you to come along side an experienced home builder and learn to be a general contractor.

What is included:
 Receive a detailed floor plan of the house.
2.        Physically inspect the foundation, framing, wiring, hvac, and plumbing top out.
3.        Discuss real day to day construction problems on this custom home project.
4.        Discuss construction costs and handouts on how to save construction costs.
5.        Real time Construction time line and inspections to be discussed for this custom home.
6.        Receive real time labor and material cost.
7.        Meet and discuss sub-contractors.
8.        Pictures and recordings will be permitted.
9.      Free review of your plans for construction problems and cost.

Supervised Inspection and review to be a total of four hours with questions and answers.

Unsupervised review and inspections up to ten hours.


Total price for Apprentice program:  $1,500

Note:  Builder reserves the right to review and show more than one custom home under construction.

For more information, please contact Traditional Select Homes, Inc. at or his office at 214-244-7510.  You may also visit our website at or on Facebook at // 

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